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Quin Stringham

  • 10 Sheraton Drive
  • Carlisle, PA 17013
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About Me


Today, everyone is all a buzz about essential oils, and green living and doing things “naturally”!  Many years ago, when I started my health come back journey, not so much!  Some thought I was a freak or just weird!  And that may be a given anyway!

In my 30's, with four of my five children at the time, I lost my health. I was a sugarholic, chocoholic, had terrible brain fog, headaches, terrible allergies and was on three allergy shots twice a week, and was suffering from an old injury I’d acquired in a snowmobiling accident. In answer to mighty prayers, I was inspired and introduced by a dear friend to natural healing including herbs, nutrition, cleansing, chiropractic, and many other healing modalities that helped my body to heal.

Now fast forward nine years. Physically I was doing great! However, the year was 1998 and my husband was soon to retire from the Army, we had just purchased our home and moved “off post”,  my children had all sorts of challenges going on and I had just started home schooling with some of them.  Emotionally I was a mess!  I certainly did not want to go on the meds suggested by my doctor and so that same friend, LeAnne Deardeuff, now Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, told me to get an account with Young Living and start using some essential oils. It was God's perfect timing and the rest is history!

Since then I have been encouraging, educating and empowering others about natural healing and Young Living Essential Oils and the Young Living lifestyle.  Why? Because it made a HUGE difference in my life. As a result, I am passionate about sharing!  I believe that if something has truly changed our life, how can we not share it with others, right? I truly am a blessed woman and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for the abundance I enjoy!

Originally from the west (Arizona), and after living around the world, I live in the East (Pennsylvania),  with Shand, my faithful husband of 38 years, now author, professor, retired Army Colonel and father.  Although all grown up, I am still mother to our adopted international five C's (Carson, Cammi, Caleb, Casey and Corrie), Mother-in-law (to Cory, Jen and Becky), and Grammie (to Joshua, Caryn, Cristopher, Jessa, Colton and Baily and baby boy ? making his debut in December 2015)!  I am sister, friend, and a Young Living Team Leader to many!

Yep, I am truly an essential oil nut, natural blonde (really), walker, reader, perennial natural healing student, practitioner of several healing modalities, quilter, animal lover, veteran, and long time blogger (was just blogging in my head and on paper so that doesn’t really count I know).
Please connect with me… I would love to assist you on your journey to wellness, purpose and abundance!